Admitted Commercial

Admitted Commercial

AmeriTrust Group offers innovative insurance products for your market needs. We understand the unique insurance needs of the businesses in these markets, and we know what matters most for our clients’ continuing success.


AmeriTrust Group’s Agribusiness product is built to address the ever-evolving needs of the agriculture industry.

Auto Dealerships

AmeriTrust Group’s AutoEdge product for auto dealerships provides comprehensive coverage for Franchise & Independent Auto Dealers.

Auto Dismantlers & Salvage Yards

AmeriTrust Group’s product for Auto Dismantlers & Auto Salvage Yards provides comprehensive coverage for companies that derive at least 60 percent of their revenue from auto dismantling operations.

Auto Repair & Service

AmeriTrust Group’s AutoEdge product provides a comprehensive coverage for a broad range of automobile services, sales, repairs, dealers, body shops, garages & stores at a competitive price.

Business Edge

AmeriTrust’s BusinessEdge Program offers a comprehensive suite of package coverages for a variety of class segments.


AmeriTrust Group’s EnergyEdge ISO-based product provides comprehensive coverage for oil & gas service contractors.

Excess Work Comp

AmeriTrust Group’s subsidiary, U.S. Specialty Underwriters (USSU), offers excess Workers’ Compensation coverage for individual self-insured employers & self-insured groups, both specific & aggregate.

Health & Fitness

AmeriTrust Group’s FitnessEdge product provides comprehensive coverage for the health & fitness industry.


AmeriTrust Group’s subsidiary, Mackinaw Underwriters, provides comprehensive coverage for Liquor Liability, P&C and Workers’ Compensation.

Liquor Liability

AmeriTrust Group’s subsidiary, Mackinaw Underwriters’ LiquorEdge product provides comprehensive coverage for Liquor Liability for a range of target classes.

Middle Market WC

AmeriTrust Group’s Monoline Workers’ Compensation product is a broad middle market offering that is available in most states and for multi-state business.

Scrap Metal Recycling

AmeriTrust Group’s product for Scrap Metal Recycling Operations provides comprehensive coverage for companies that collect, process, broker & sell scrap metal & glass.

Small Business Insurance Solutions

There’s nothing small about your business…
Ameritrust Group understands this. We were once a small business too! In 1955 our founder started a small business in Southeast Michigan. Just like you, he focused on meeting his customers’ needs. By doing so, the company grew in size and capabilities.

You too are committed to making your business the best it can be. In order to focus on your goals, you need a partner to provide you with the insurance products that protect you, your company, your workers and your customers. Our insurance products do just that… Workers’ Compensation, Business Owners Policy, Commercial Auto and Umbrella Coverage protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Short Haul Commercial Trucking

AmeriTrust’s Short Haul Commercial Trucking Program offers a comprehensive suite of coverages for trucking/transportation accounts.

Water Well Drillers

AmeriTrust Group’s Water Well Drillers program is designed for water well drillers and servicers, pump installers and servicers, and core sample drillers