Patrick Stewart

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Patrick Stewart is Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of AmeriTrust Group, Inc. and is a member of the Executive Management Team. He is responsible for all financial-related activities of the Company.

Mr. Stewart also manages all areas of Treasury, including Investment Management, Cash Management, Accounts Payable, Premium Receivables, Interest Rate Hedging, Goodwill Valuation, and all aspects of the Company’s Tax Strategy (Federal, State, Excise, Premium and Personal Property Taxes).

Mr. Stewart manages the daily interaction and monitoring of the investment management firms, Conning Asset Management and Munder Capital Management. He also maintains relationships with the Banking group from a credit aspect (debt covenants) and treasury management. In addition to these responsibilities, he assists in managing and evaluating aspects of due diligence, as well as, new business opportunities.

Mr. Stewart started his career as an accountant with Allstate Insurance in Northbrook, Illinois. In 1991, he moved on to become a financial auditor with KPMG in Detroit, Michigan, focused almost entirely on the financial sector. In 1995, he started managing the financial aspects as controller of a small medical malpractice operation that included an offshore Cayman captive. He assisted with the sale of that operation in 2000, after which he joined the Company as Director of Financial Analysis, managing the overall tax and budget functions.

In 2001, he left the Company and joined a small MGA operation offering non-standard auto insurance where he was Director of Finance. After assisting the sale of that operation in 2005, he re-joined the Company as Director of Financial Reporting, primarily working on internal management company accounting operations. Functions at that time included managing the overall budget process, federal and state income taxes, goodwill valuation, merger and acquisition activities (due diligence and integration), and filling in for SEC reporting. In 2008, he assisted with the purchase accounting and integration of the Century merger. In 2009, Mr. Stewart was promoted to Vice President and Treasurer, to manage and oversee all areas of the Treasury Department.

Mr. Stewart obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Michigan State University in 1990, where he worked as a Teaching Assistant for the Principles of Financial Accounting Course


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