Specialty Products

Specialty Products

AmeriTrust designs, markets, and underwrites commercial property/casualty insurance products, tailored to the specialized needs of select industries. (Available through select Retailers & Wholesalers)

Hospitality Insurance Program

AmeriTrust Group’s subsidiary, Mackinaw Underwriters, provides comprehensive coverage for hospitality businesses / restaurants that serve a limited amount of alcohol. Standard coverages include Package (Property/General Liability), Workers’ Compensation, and Liquor Liability. Our tailored coverage enhancement endorsements offer additional coverages and increased limits. Coupled with competitive prices and un-matched service, Mackinaw Underwriters is your one-stop solution for hospitality business.

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*Liquor Liability coverage is available through our affiliated, admitted carriers in FL, IL, MI, and TN, with additional states to follow. Liquor Liability coverage is available in most other states through one of our non-admitted markets.

Excess Workers’ Compensation

U.S. Specialty Underwriters (USSU), a wholesale agency subsidiary, provides excess workers’ compensation insurance products designed to address the needs of self-insured work comp clients. USSU serves a wide variety of client groups including school districts, universities, health care systems, manufacturing companies, restaurants and retail chains. In addition to the basic Excess Workers’ Compensation Coverage, USSU can provide special endorsements that improve an insured’s risk management profile. Two of those endorsements are Cash Flow Protection and Communicable Disease Protection.

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